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This area is for news and information about the iRODS Seminar/Mini Workshop.

For information about iRODS see the iREAD demo (iREAD is the JISC funded iRODS evaluation).

Time and Location

The seminar will be held on 13th July 2009 in Computer Science CS/103 from 10:30 to 12:30

It will also be available over Access Grid, but the number of sites connecting may be controlled to maintain quality of service. It will be recorded via AG recording technology.


  • The first hour will comprise a short introduction followed by presentations on the iREAD project and iRODS by Martyn Fletcher and Tom Jackson.
  • The second hour will comprise an open discussion on iRODS, and how it could be useful in the context of e-Research, service provision, etc.

Discussion Questions

You are encouraged to submit questions or topics for discussion ahead of time to if possible. This is to alert the presenters and other interested parties to what might be discussed and it is hoped that this will mean that the discussion is more productive. The list of topics will be collected here.


Anyone is welcome to attend, but please email if you wish to attend so that approximate numbers expected can be taken. It is unlikely that CS/103 will be overcapacity, but numbers may change how best to handle the discussion portion of the workshop.

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